Caught in the Middle

Women with families often have little time for their personal pursuits, and they generally feel they are caught in the middle between work and home....


Dealing with the Glass Ceiling

Intelligence and ability are not restricted to either gender of workers, but these facts have largely been ignored by many companies. They have often used...


Devaluing Women’s Work

Before World War II, most offices used men as secretaries and clerks. These jobs required a man to read as well as write, and they...


Shrinking the Gender Gap

Women working outside of the home need assistance with domestic duties. Husbands, more than ever before, are taking on their share of the work load....

Women traditionally stayed at home, raised the children and kept the house. Their role was to create a home for their family, and they were also in charge of their husband's domestic affairs. That tradition began to change after World War II when many women expressed dissatisfaction with their role as wives. They wanted their own careers outside the home, and many made the move without ever looking back. Modern economic conditions have accelerated women leaving the household for paying work.

Women continue to face many issues in the world. While raising the children is beginning to be shared between both spouses, many women still bear the brunt of that duty. Keeping the house clean and stocked is now a role carried by either spouse and taught to all children. Women leaving the home for paying work have found their services are valued less, and their ability to climb the corporate ladder stops at the glass ceiling.