radio savage houndy beasty

the posse

left to right: Gyrus, Merrick, Phagus, Simon, Harper

Radio Savage Houndy Beasty delivers a hefty dollop of high octane audio absurdity, comedy, and deranged DJing, shot through with truth, beauty and a sprinkling of political savvy.

And a record collection that looks like the Velvet Underground and Monty Python brought it home from the charity shops.

It's radio like you never hear on the radio.

We used to broadcast one night a week during seasons of Leeds Student Radio from 1998-2003. Despite that all being a long time ago now, we keep the site up and running and the CDs available.

Check out our archive of good stuff we've done, buy our CDs or remain a Beasty virgin.


Radio Savage Houndy Beasty
Rooted Media
The Cardigan Centre
145-149 Cardigan Road
Leeds, LS6 1LJ

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