Women Surviving in the Modern World


Shrinking the Gender Gap

Women working outside of the home need assistance with domestic duties. Husbands, more than ever before, are taking on their share of the work load. Rather than staying outside and doing only yard work and maintenance, men are helping out with common domestic chores. It is no longer strange to see a man cooking a meal, cleaning dishes or doing laundry. Best of all, parents are no longer restricting their children to chores dictated by their gender.

Children raised in a household where both parents work are learning new lifestyles. Boys are expected to clean their own rooms, and girls are no longer barred from helping with oil changes on the family vehicles. This gives the children, regardless of gender, an opportunity to discover talents that might have been repressed in the past. It also helps all members of the family function as a unit to get necessary chores done so they can enjoy life together.