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Turbulence website, October 2000, review of The Beast Of RSHB and The Spring Collection 2000:

OK, who the FUCK let THESE PEOPLE loose in a Radio Station? Completely barmy CD retrospectives of Leeds-based early "morning" (i.e. when you and me are normally asleep) community radio show of the same name. Some genuine roll around on the floor with eyes streaming comedy moments (language tapes subverted), some very astutely put together collages ("Lighten Up With Eleanor Rigby" pieces together some ludicrously upbeat cheesy-listening versions of the existensialist classic), plus shamefacedly ripped off music (Massive Attack, Get Carter, and lots more for you spotters), and even some audience phone-ins ("Why are you still awake? Are you wankered on Drugs?").

Occassionally slips into quoterama student humour, but is generally a damn fine, nay ESSENTIAL listen. If you enjoyed the Godhaven zine, then you're going to bloody well love these little beauties. Merrick, Gyrus, Mahalia and Phagus are all present and correct, with some new blood to keep things swilling about.

radio savage
Posted by gord on May 01, 2001 at 17:03:15 on LSR website forum:

i like this show i think its good. unfortunately as i am literary unable that is alli can isay but i suppose i could say i like it lots and lots. in fact imagine this page is full up with lots of 'lots and lots' in terms of how much i like radio savage houndly beasty in the style of libby kennedy's book of pleases to meet bros, (although different). incidently i have met bros! well i talked to a picture of someone who looked like luke in my mums 'womans' mag, and he isn't as cool and hip and down with the kids as you would possibly expect.

anyway the point is that i quite like the show, and now i dont have to be in on monday morning ever again (until i get a proper job, ha) i can listen to the whole of the show and not miss monday morning. mornings are overrated anyway, morning people....

whats that all about i mean leave it to the birds (as in feathers and wings etc) all this up with the sun down with the sun machigana, it just isnt want you want. especially when the best things happen at night.

think about it, during the day when its 'ooh lovely and sunny' which it hardly ever is anyway, yuo are stuck inside school, college, work and have to do struff like learn, exams, filing, answering the phone to power enraged menapausal women. at night you go out drink, smoke and partake in other debaucharious anarchistic behaviour usually involving some form of beats orientated music of the 'munting' variety. also tv gets strangely better - porn, yoof tv, porn and vids as does music on the radio.

anyway to cut a long story short, i like rhsb i do think its good.

ok thats it


from Karambos H. Iguana, via email, 18 April 04

many thanks for your wonderful 'King Monged CD.

I am pleased to report that the second disc, when listened to under the influence of Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol, induces awe in the listener, pervades a general sense of laughter and induces statements such as 'Christ I am fucked'.

Which indeed I was.

from Max Nix, via email, 17 Oct 05

After scanning the information super highway,desperatly hoping I would find I could fight it.! ...........For jesus, I "copped" as they say in their circles,an "Earful" of that scurry-less libel (or is it slander>? Always confused on that one, are you not?) concerning the buggery by, a ledge id-lally the Harris of Rolf.

I think, proffesor, in your off hand, care free, don't give a tuppeny damn,prejudiced, tits and shit kind of way, you have totally misconstroood part and parcel of the whole kit and kaboodle, because anal sex with Kangaroos is not only legal in Australia, but positivly encouraged!

ie " Coming for a beer chaaaarlie?"

"Yes Anthony, after I have had bondage sex with a 'roo!" (Roo is australian for 'Kangaroo'.)

"Oh pink girly poo poo, that smells like lavender! I ain't fucked me roo quota this quarter! The Judge will have my arse,"(the judge is hung like a stallion)

"Never mind mate, here, quickly fuck this Hampster to get you out of the shit for the rest of the week."

"Gee thanks Chaaaaarlie, your a bonza mate! How do I stop it bustin' open though Anthony?"

"Quick, run home, and ram it up a dogs arse, that ought to do the trick!"

They embraced, and with a little skip, minced off to their respective bookings.

OK Rolf Harris is almost a GOD! gods can get away with all kinds of naughty shit.Lots of slop, kisses, and drooling and giggling, and smerkin'da weed (thats miss da-weed to you!)

and I bid you a oner for your old banger.

Max Nix (Macht Nicht)