radio savage houndy beasty


  • godhaven
    RSHB is the broadcasting arm of Godhaven. We're a Leeds-based coolective of benevolent pamphleteers and champions of blind faith in humanity and general optimistic muthas.
  • dj bellrott
    Recent new boy on the list of RSHB collaborators, and producer of sterling mix tapes from the darkest end of the ambient spectrum.
  • steve and fran
    dj bellrott's latest collaboration, extraordinary pioneering stuff that sounds like having your head shoved in a washing machine full of ketamine and Boney M records.
  • negativland
    Brilliant site from the audio collage/experimentation/appropriation pioneers - be sure to check out their lengthy and inspired article on spontaneous live radio broadcasting.
  • spunkle
    Sometime RSHB collaborator and all-time freakiest sonics in Oxford.
  • leeds student radio
    The folks who take their broadcasting license and wring it for all it's worth by letting RSHB on the air. Winner of shitloads of student radio awards and home to a madly eclectic mix of sounds, LSR transvestisises the airwaves of the city of Leeds and its environs twice a year for a month at a time, and also goes global via streaming audio on their website.
  • m.c. hawking
    The most comprehensive site for Stephen Hawking's gangsta rap career. With reviews of his classic albums like A Brief History of Rhyme and lots of superb downloads like E=MC Hawking, this is the man who, as he says in his lyrics on Crazy As Fuck is 'kicking science like no-one else can / and my dick is twice as long as my attention span'. Wicked smart!
  • detritus
    'Detritus' is dead vegetable matter that goes towards giving new life to the environment. This web site's about 'recycled culture' in all forms, audio, visual, literary, and artistic. Dead good.
  • bad bee's nest
    Fucking great site for grabbing movie samples.
  • shaft sounds
    Samples from Shaft - up yours, baby.
  • epsilon
    Ambient music information archive.
  • bill hicks
    The most righteous, daring and brilliant comedian who ever lived.
  • british national party