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spoken word comedy
musical creation

from the new CD ' 'King Monged '

Meat (5MB MP3)
The Toe (560KB MP3)
RSHB Theme (Good Lord!) (2.2MB MP3)
Albatross (3MB MP3)
The Battle of Conkers Deep (2.6MB MP3)
Canton Music (0.7MB MP3)
Dirt Box Jury (0.3MB MP3)
Girdled Turtle Hurdler (0.2MB MP3)
Hilary Mungrave (1.5MB MP3)
Song For The Asking (2.5MB MP3)
All Ashes Again (voice: Allen Ginsberg) (3.5MB MP3)

from 'Karma Khazi'

The Sweetest Feeling (3.9MB MP3)
Notes From Amerikkka (1.7MB MP3)
Mariah Carey & Tom Waits' new single - 'Lollipop Man' (1.8MB MP3)
Dirty Bastard (Dirty Fucker) (6.9MB MP3)
The Most Monged Album In The World.........EVER! (3.5MB MP3)
Joint Ad (516KB MP3)
Heron Dildo (2.5MB MP3)
Cucumbers (2MB MP3)
Travolta Lobsters Up The Bum (4.3MB MP3)
The Stars Have Talons (10MB MP3)

from '2001: A Spaced Oddyssey'

Don't Cry (Xmas With The Jacksons) (1.8MB MP3)
Have A Job (1.8MB MP3)
Remember The Essence Of Life (8.4MB MP3)
George Michael (2.7MB MP3)
Shaft in Yorkshire (3.0MB MP3)
Bela Lugosi's Dad (4.4MB MP3)

from 'Millennium Buggery'

This Is The News (2.3MB MP3)
Rolf Harris: Literally A Wanker? (5.3MB MP3)
Humphrey Bogart's Raindrops (nutt'n's worryin'me) (4.5MB MP3)
Penis Beef (662KB MP3)

from 'The Spring Collection'

My German Teacher (2MB MP3)
The Marvellous Toy (4.8MB MP3)
Chips (142KB MP3)
Wanderin' Star (2.8MB MP3)
Fisting (1.4MB MP3)
Snowpuff the Rabbit (1.3MB MP3)
Essential Facts for the Layperson of the 21st Century: Drugs (1.1MB MP3)

from 'The Beast of RSHB'

Lighten Up With Eleanor Rigby (4.4MB MP3)
Timbale Bombo (7.8MB MP3)
Rainy Porch Horse Blues (6MB MP3)
Rituals In The Space Temple (9MB MP3)
Wobbly Tarzan (1.3MB MP3)
In The Mood - Withnail & RSHB (3.2MB MP3)
Course in Colloquial Russian, part 19: The Bar Room (876KB MP3)
Let's Sing An English Song (1.7MB MP3)
Jingle Bells (1MB MP3)
A Brief History of Rings (2.7MB MP3)
The Spice Girls: In League With Lucifer? (4.1MB MP3)


Every series all the shows on Leeds Student Radio make a 30-second trailer advert for themselves. We like to make ours give the minimum of hard fact and approach the maximum in Out There-ness.

Autumn 2002 trailer (550KB MP3)
Spring 2002 trailer (415KB MP3)
Spring 2001 trailer (317KB MP3)


Awl right! (p-ting!) (458KB WAV)
If I chopped your head off you'd still have as much brains as you have now. (1.05MB WAV)
Blearg (141KB WAV)
Good gracious, they're taking all their clothes off [Kenneth Williams] (479KB WAV)
Absolutely disgusting! [Kenneth Williams] (292KB WAV)
High on a rocky promontory sat an electric monk on a bored horse. (721KB WAV)
The freshest fish in Leeds (318KB WAV)
It is vitally important that you get a solid night's sleep with a minimum of 8 hours. You have a very definite tendency to abuse your physical strength. You may have a tendency toward headaches, fevers, inflammation and insomnia. (230KB MP3)
Hello darling and I love you intensely (447KB WAV)
I am slightly disgusted and very disappointed. (546KB WAV)
After all, there is nothing real outside our perception of reality, is there? (1.14MB WAV)
I want to join some smugglers importing crack cocaine. (591KB WAV)
Don't you ever change your underwear? I'm sorry. Don't be sorry, just change your underwear. (117KB MP3)
Um, I am outrageous. (456KB WAV)
I wouldn't mind having a third eye, would you? Hahaha, no. (729KB WAV)
Bloody hell...sodding, blimey, shagging, knickers, bollocks....oh god. [Spike from Buffy] (423KB WAV)

from 'Withnail & I'

balls! (53KB WAV)
get in the back of the van! (95KB WAV)
macfuck! (88KB WAV)
perfumed ponce! (124KB WAV)