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CDs for YOU!

Enjoy the mellifluous mayhem, madness and madrigals made for the mentally mashed and monged in the comfort of your own CD player.

There are now six sexy, shiny fruity CDs available, comprised of the choicest cuts from the juicy rump of Radio Savage Houndy Beasty's on-air antics.

Perfect for all the Family, be they the Partridge Family or the Manson Family, especially when you're lying flat on your back having misjudged your intake.

These CDs are all done in the most non-profiteer way that we can. They've all got playing times of well over 60 minutes each and they're dead cheap too.

To order online just click the button and follow the instructions. If you want to use old fashioned postal methods then it's all explained at the bottom of the page.

the beast of RSHB CD

The Beast of RSHB

A double CD set from the shows done in 1998 and 1999, and features the classic Course In Colloquial Russian, Timbale Bombo and Rituals At The Space Temple. Yes, you've no idea what that means if you've not heard them. But once you have, you will.

2CD - £3

the spring collection CD

Spring Collection 2000

Unsurprisingly this one's compiled from the series done in April/May 2000, and has more heady audio collage and comedy, and loads of pictures of dogs on it too.


millennium buggery CD

Millennium Buggery

Stuff from the October/November 2000 series, and includes Rolf Harris: Literally a Wanker?, Penis Beef and some spunkling from The Botley & Dogdyke Veebic Warriors with the mental track Trousers.


2001: a spaced oddyssey CD

2001: A Spaced Oddyssey

A whopping 75 minutes of stuff from the spring 2001 shows, with more of a leaning to the mong-out soundscapes.


karma khazi CD

Karma Khazi

A huge 2 CD sparkling murky ocean of Beastosity. Disc one is an hour of quickfire stuff, while disc two is a montage of the more mind-melty audio collage soundscapes.

2CD - £3

'king Monged CD

'King Monged

The freshest slice of Beasty, another massive and splendid 2-CD affair. As with Karma Khazi, disc one is more in yer face, whilst disc two is more off yer face.

2CD - £3

Ordering by mail

If you're in the UK: The Beast Of RSHB, Karma Khazi and 'king Monged are £3 each including postage, the others are 2 quid a pop. Make cheques or postal orders payable to 'Godhaven Ink'.

If you're outside the UK: the double-discs are $9 / € 7, the single discs $7 / € 5, post paid. Send CASH in US$ or € (notes only, no coins), and make sure it doesn't show through the envelope and thus tempt unscrupulous postal workers.

Send your order with payment, love and emotional offal to:

Radio Savage Houndy Beasty
Rooted Media
The Cardigan Centre
145-149 Cardigan Road

millennium buggery ahead

Some people dance to music on CD. You can't really do that with RSHB CDs. However, to see people dancing with an RSHB CD, check here and here.

For some kind of explanation of these dancing persons, see the whole sordid story of Katherine's party (documented for the Net by Steve, one of the RSHB 2001 team.)